Books & Music and Merlin

The poem the Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. This you-tube video uploaded by atlantisreturning is the gorgeous song adaption by Loreena McKennitt. If you haven't heard it, you need to! If you like this music, just run out and buy the album. The whole cd reminds you of a moody day on the Moors.

TV & Movies and Merlin

BBC'S Merlin on Syfy. First pitched as Smallville meets Merlin. At the end of the third season, it's really coming together on its own. You can really learn to hate Giles ( for you Buffy fans) as Uther Pendragon. The interplay between Merlin and Arthur is great. Plus I love how they portray Guinevere—that's a rarity. Can't wait for the next season!